Wreath Making Equipment

Mitchell Clamp Wreath Making Machine

The Mitchell Clamp Machine comes complete with an attractive painted metal stand and stainless steel table top. It has been designed so that it can be easily dismantled for storage when not in use.

The Mitchell Craftmaster Clamp Machine works well with all types of materials from dried flowers to evergreen foliage and produces high quality floral, craft and evergreen wreaths.

It eliminates the need for pick and glue because the clamping action tightly secures all wreath materials to the frame by closing and flattening in one step. 

It is designed to work with all specialty items and ring sizes 8¨ to 24¨ which have a clip size of 2½¨ wide. It can also be used with both smaller and larger sized rings by making a simple adjustment to the mechanism.

The Mitchell Craftmaster Clamp Machine is delivered in flat pack and is quick and easy to assemble. Once you have purchased your foliage you can start producing quality wreaths.


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