Decorated Wreaths

Festive Products by Festive Floristry

Festive Floristry offers only the finest quality wreaths which are hand made with Noble Fir by our regular wreath makers.

Bring home the warmth and smell of the festive season with our beautifully hand decorated Christmas wreaths.

They can supply florists and garden centres with handmade decorated wreaths with a variety of festive arrangements. They are able apply to supply ready made plain wreaths, table mantles and garland ready for decoration.

Festive Floristry are also able to supply wholesale quantities of Noble Fir foliage from our plantations for use in floral arrangements or other festive decorations. All of their Christmas wreaths are made with sustainable foliage which is sourced within the UK.

They deliver their Christmas wreaths within 48 hours of their completion to ensure they are as fresh as possible and will last throughout the festive season.

Contact Festive Floristry now to ensure you are ready for Christmas