Christmas Tree Traceability

TreeKeeper is an affordable bespoke tree management system, designed for the Christmas tree grower but can be adapted for any person or organisation that manage and maintain a large number of trees.

TreeKeeper Overview:

This application provides total crop traceability which complies to all current multiple trade sale requirements and leads towards Global Gap Certification and/or ISO. TreeKeeper offers flexibility with regards to your requirements which provides intuitive and highly functional user friendly data collection software and support. TreeKeeper is an on-going evolution and we strive to keep the system in line with current trends and customer demands, both in IT and within the tree industry.

  • Employee records
  • Customer records
  • Supplier records
  • Vehicle and equipment records
  • Field/plantation records
  • Tree Management
  • Soil and foliage management
  • Fertilising, spraying, pruning records
  • Christmas tree stock

GLOBALG.A.P. serves as a practical manual for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) anywhere in the world. The basis is an equal partnership of agricultural producers and retailers who wish to establish efficient certification standards and procedures. With this in mind TreeKeeper have developed an application to help you produce high quality Christmas trees in a sustainable manner and work towards certification.

The TreeKeeper Christmas tree newsletter is a quarterly newsletter with contributions from Christmas tree growers.

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