Christmas Tree Management

We are a rapidly growing company solely dedicated to the Christmas tree industry. With our expertise Festive Forestry Services Ltd have gained a reputation throughout the UK and Europe for the comprehensive service offered to Christmas tree and foliage growers, both small and large.

As a grower you will appreciate the potential of being able to harvest a first quality Christmas tree. We are able to help in this objective by providing you with a professional service from planting right through to harvesting. We have the specialist skills and equipment acquired through years of experience.

High quality service and customer support is of the utmost importance to us, since this is critical to the success of both our business and yours. Our aim is to build a long standing relationship with you.

Christmas Tree Planting

  • Mechanical
  • By hand
  • Transplants supplied

Christmas Tree Maintenance

  • Planting
  • Blue Spruce painting
  • Pest and weed control
  • Fertilising and shearing
  • Leader reduction

Preparation For Sale

  • Sizing to European standards
  • Individual requirements
  • Labelling
  • Stock control measures

Advisory Service

  • Foliage management
  • Assisting the small grower
  • Quality assessments
  • Harvest projections
  • Evaluating a 'choose and cut' strategy

Supply Of Machinery, Equipment & Other Services

  • Sale of specialist machinery
  • Equipment servicing
  • Erection of anti-vermin fencing